Redefining MWD Technology

Tolteq is the clear leader in technological innovation in the field of Measurement While Drilling, MWD. Across the board, all of our products deliver unsurpassed reliability, superior design, and extensive logging capabilities.

With the release of our complete next generation systems, iSeries and TruCourse, you get the best of both worlds: backwards industry compatibility or future sensor expandability. Even our legacy compatible components can transform your existing tool string into a cutting edge, hot-hole ready, precision instrument.

Solve the Problem Now—Invest in the Future

We’re not just an engineering firm, we are an extension of our client’s team. We know the impact of non-productive time and the costs involved when performance suffers because we’ve been in the field. We know the industry, the tools, the process and the challenges of harsh environments. Whether you’re looking to eliminate LCM issues, increase overall reliability, save battery life or gain unprecedented access to downhole data—we can help.

Tolteq—Transforming downhole data into downhole intelligence.


December Bits

December Bits Find out what’s going on at Tolteq this month.   Product Updates The following products were updated last month: iSDU 4.40 December 3 This new update includes a fix for a sporadic pulse width graphing issue, an improvement in the smoothing of flow switch values, and more. To see the complete list, please […]

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