Tolteq is now a Dynamic Drilling Solutions brand

Integrated SureMate Centralizer

Integrated SureMate Centralizer

Transform Your Tool Into the
Industry’s Best Centralizer



How do you improve on an already great centralizer—the Tolteq SureMate? By making it a part of your tool.
We all know that a tool is only as good as its weakest point: in a tool string, failure most often occurs at the
connection points. Armed with this information, our engineers borrowed all of the best attributes of the
SureMate, and added an innovative uphole end that allows it to become an extension of your tool. Thanks to
the Integrated SureMate, your tool has just become the most rugged and reliable centralizer in your lineup.


  • Only one end connects; the other end becomes part of the tool
  • Integrated design only requires one screw-on connection
  • Keyed downhole end ensures a secure foolproof connection without the danger of broken pins
  • Attaches in about thirty seconds with a simple spanner wrench
  • Spring-loaded shaft minimize wear-and-tear and absorbs vibration while down hole
  • Legacy compatible to work with non-Tolteq tools
  • Shorter length makes it more robust while shortening tool string
  • Quality Tolteq wiring inside with strain relief on connectors and high temperature mesh covering for wires