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Tolteq Expands Innovative Lineup

Tolteq Expands Innovative Lineup: Introduces Top Mount Pulser & Integrated SureMate Centralizer Tolteq, a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems and components, announces the release of its newest technologies, the Top Mount Pulser and Integrated SureMate Centralizer. Cedar Park, TX, December 16, 2013 – Tolteq Group, LLC, (Tolteq) a leading provider of Measurement […]

January Bits

January Bits January 3, 2014   Find out what’s going on at Tolteq this month.   GUIDE 5.5 Out this Month A new update to GUIDE Surface System, now version 5.5, will be available for download on January 13. This update will have various new features, including an updated compass rose display to accommodate new […]

Believe It or Not, We Listen

Believe It or Not, We Listen January 3, 2014   Insight by Jennifer Padgett   Ben Franklin, the Father of American ingenuity, wrote “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” At Tolteq, we wholeheartedly agree. Our wide array of MWD offerings are in a constant state of […]

TLS: A Conversation with the Developers

TLS: A Conversation with the Developers January 3, 2014   Tolteq will soon be releasing a groundbreaking new logging application, TLS (Tolteq Logging Software), that will redefine rigsite data workflow by providing immediate access to downhole data logged by Tolteq modules. In anticipation of an early 2014 release, we interview the development team responsible for […]

Talking Point: Reliability

Talking Point: Reliability January 3, 2014   As Tolteq has grown, gaining new employees in every department, it has become a priority to self-examine and to proclaim the principles that have contributed to our success—what we call our Company Pillars. This month we are focused on one of five: Reliability. We asked our employees to define this […]