The Tolteq Work Station

The Tolteq Work Station

September 27, 2013
New visitors to our facility are usually impressed with what they see, especially when they get to experience demos of our innovative product line. And although we are sometimes asked about tool operation during these demos, we most often hear, “What about maintenance?”

Tolteq’s mission to make MWD easy and reliable does not end with innovative tools, but takes it a step further with shop tools.  We believe that MWD tools should be easy to operate AND easy to maintain.  Therefore, in addition to our current shop equipment offerings of Tool Tracker, SureCircuit, and SurePulse, we’d like to introduce you to the Tolteq Work Station, the maintenance solution for the MWD provider who wishes to maintain their Tolteq fleet to our exacting standards.

Everyone knows that it’s important to have the right tool for the right job. With this in mind, We have designed the Tolteq Work Stations to be tool specific, ensuring that everything you need to perform maintenance on that specific tool is at your fingertips.  Our current offering of custom work stations includes:  Top Mount Pulser, iSeries Tolteq Pulser, iSeries Directional Module, iSeries Gamma Module, SureMate, Battery Module, and GUIDE Surface System. We also offer a multi-function work station that can be set-up and used for multiple tools.

Work stations designed for MWD tools will include a custom work table with an upper shelf and tool board, an A-frame work bench for assembly and disassembly of the MWD tool, a stand-alone parts washer, an air compressor, a complete set of MWD-specific and common tools, and all the appropriate safety equipment. Reference materials will be included with all kits, with recommendations on how to best set-up and use your new Tolteq Work Station.

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Displayed here is the Tolteq iTPM Work Station. This work station comes with all of the tools necessary to service the iTPM, including a TFS oil fill station.  We can deliver a work station to you as a turnkey solution, or provide you with the complete bill of materials (BOM) so that you can build it yourself. After all, we want our customers to be successful, and better maintenance means greater opportunities for success!

For more information, including the BOM for specific work stations, please contact your Tolteq account manager.