TMP Passes Final Test–Now Available for Purchase

TMP Passes Final Test–Now Available for Purchase

October 31, 2013

More than any other product in our recent history, TMP has caused the most excitement, with potential customers eager to experience Tolteq’s version of what a true top mount pulser should be, that is, intelligent, reliable, efficient, simple to maintain and always upgradeable.


Our current lineup of MWD tools have set a high bar indeed, providing directional drillers all over North America and beyond with lasting value and a competitive edge, especially when used as a complete system. We expect no less from TMP, and neither should our customers. For those very reasons, we subjected TMP to a battery of tests over several months, delaying its release to prove that it will live up to the Tolteq name.

TMP has just returned from its last field test in Colorado, and we are happy to report that it has passed with flying colors and is now available for purchase! Go to the TMP product page here.

Congratulations to the newest member of our MWD downhole lineup—TMP!