If You Can Break It, We Can Fix It

If You Can Break It, We Can Fix It

December 2, 2013  














Over ten years ago, Tolteq entered the MWD market as a repair firm for MWD tools.This venture provided us with an unforeseen benefit: a window into what works and doesn’t work in the field. And so, as we built our reputation as a solid provider for repairs and maintenance, we quietly dove into research and development. New products soon followed, all of them designed with a vision to bring much-needed innovation to the MWD market.

As our lineup has grown, less and less of the spotlight has been placed on our Repairs service. Nevertheless, this vital department has never lost its mission to service MWD tools to the highest standards, while embracing innovation as a company pillar.

At Tolteq, we believe that innovation is more than ideas—it is a mindset that starts with an individual. For Product Services, the division that encompasses Repairs, that individual is Manager Calvin Knight. Calvin, who harkens from the aerospace industry, has helped to introduce new processes to the department that are now beginning to pay dividends.

“We can always be better,” Calvin stresses, refusing to take any credit for past successes. Despite his humble attitude, the leadership team, as well as the company as a whole, have taken notice. In what Calvin describes as the company’s “Customer focus year,” his Product Services team has reduced turn-around time, increased the number of identified root-cause failures, and improved communication with customers, especially when more information is required.

Calvin is quick to point to his people on the floor, “The structure and workflow are now in place, but you really need a capable staff to take it to the next level.” Product Services, along with the rest of the company, has grown with new talent, many of whom are quickly making their mark in their respective area. In a small but fast-growing company with a start-up mentality like Tolteq, opportunities for improvement and advancement abound. Calvin has just appointed his first Repair Supervisor, Alex Sanchez, to oversee day-to-day operations more closely and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Calvin further explains how newly hired, but less-experienced engineers now work alongside seasoned technicians, providing their expertise as they learn about our products. “It’s a great first step,” he says, “for individuals who want to take their first-hand knowledge into improving our current tools or even for developing the next generation.”

Of course, the Repairs department does not work in a vacuum, as they must rely on the Shipping/Receiving team, the Product Services Administrative Lead, and the Product Support Engineering Lead. The challenge has been to coordinate all these areas while managing astronomical growth, a priority that has kept Calvin and the rest of the leadership team busy for most of the year.

“This year was good for setting a foundation, but there is much in store for 2014–I’m just not going to talk about it yet,” Calvin confides with a wry smile. If it’s anything like this year, we can’t wait.