December Bits

December Bits

December 2, 2013


Holiday Hours

Tolteq will be closed on December 24th and 25th, as well as January 1st. If you have an urgent need for product support, you can still reach your account manager or our technical support hotline at (512) 922-2592. From everyone at Tolteq, have a wonderful holiday!


Now On Sale

In case you missed the news, the TMP (Tolteq Top Mount Pulser) and Integrated SureMate are now on sale. To find out more about these innovative new offerings from Tolteq, be sure to visit our Products page at, or contact an account manager today.



Q: What is an RMA and why is it so important?

A: We have developed the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to be the most efficient means for turning around repairs, as it provides our technicians the vital information to officially “receive” your tool; without an RMA, Tolteq cannot start the evaluation process.

Q: Where do I find the RMA page?

A: The form is conveniently located on our website, To access it, select RMA Form from the Support menu. Fill-out your contact information at the top, then select a specific form from the drop-down menu. Although the forms are short, please ensure that every field is filled out. As part of their comprehensive workflow to identify root cause, our repair technicians first attempt to replicate your issue. To this end, please provide as much detail as possible.

Q: Besides submitting a detailed RMA, what else can I do to speed up the repair process?

A: The more information you provide, the better! To this end, please label your tool(s) with the same name and/or number that you used on the RMA. This allows us to quickly identify the tool so that we can get started immediately. Secondly, additional company paperwork can come in handy when the RMA is lacking adequate information. If available, also include Tool Tracker data with your repair (or email it to

Q: What happens if I forget to submit an RMA?

A: Tolteq will contact you to get the same information, either by phone or email. We understand that you are busy and may be difficult to reach, all factors that may lengthen the repair process.