Tolteq Expands Innovative Lineup

Tolteq Expands Innovative Lineup: Introduces Top Mount Pulser
& Integrated SureMate Centralizer

Tolteq, a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems and components, announces the release of its newest technologies, the Top Mount Pulser and Integrated SureMate Centralizer.

Cedar Park, TX, December 16, 2013 – Tolteq Group, LLC, (Tolteq) a leading provider of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems and components, announced the release of its leading edge Top Mount Pulser (TMP) and Integrated Suremate Centralizer to support the continuous advancement of MWD technology in directional drilling. With the announcement of the new product releases, Tolteq has solidified its commitment to building a reliable, integrated MWD tool string that supports the industry’s practice to push the limits with faster drilling speeds.

The TMP is designed to withstand the harshest LCM environments by providing strong, consistent pulses. The result: independent operators can focus on what’s really important—the data.

The Tolteq TMP has superior resistance to vibration with protected wiring to handle extreme environments and virtually eliminates LCM issues while freeing up the critical downhole end. Operational at 175°C, the TMP adopts several Tolteq i-series parts and subassemblies to allow for familiar maintenance and straightforward oil fill. Its solenoid-based technology eliminates the need for a power-hungry motor drive and extends the tool’s battery life up to 400 operational hours per battery.

Along with the release of the TMP, Tolteq also announces its Integrated SureMate Centralizer. Taking simplicity and ease-of-use to the next level, the Integrated SureMate eliminates the uphole threaded end and replaces it with a plug-in snubber, allowing the SureMate to integrate into the downhole end of the MWD tool. The innovative new design shortens the tool string and simplifies on-bank workflow by establishing a more secure and fool-proof connection.

The speed at which drilling technology has evolved requires constant innovation from technology providers. The availability of accurate data and reliable tools to record that data are vital to the success of oil production in the United States. The Tolteq TMP and Integrated SureMate Centralizer improve data acquisition while reducing downtime.