How To: Download and Install Tool Tracker 3

How To:

Download and
Install Tool Tracker 3

February 11, 2014

If you are ready to download and install the all-new Tool Tracker, follow these steps:


To Download

1.  Go to

2.  Sign-up or log in

3.  Click on the Team tab and select Team Software.

4.  Once the Team Software page appears, click the ToolTrackerInstaller3_0_0.exe file to download.

To Install

1.  Once Tool Tracker 3 has downloaded, double-click the ToolTrackerInstaller icon on your desktop.

2.  In the ToolTracker 3 Setup dialog box, click Next.

Note: If you have never installed Tool Tracker on your computer, you will be prompted to connect a Tool Tracker cable after clicking Next. It is not necessary to have a tool connected to the other end.


3.  Please review the License Agreement before you click I Agree.


4.  Select a Destination Folder in the new dialog box, then click Next.


5.  Select a data directory for saved files, then click Install.


6.  Click Finish to complete the installation.

Note: Please disregard any command boxes; they will close automatically.