May Bits

May Bits

May 20, 2014

Find out what’s going at Tolteq this month.

Recap: Tolteq at OTC

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has always been a must-attend show for our business development department, allowing us the opportunity to touch base with many of our customers, and have some fun in the process. This year, however, we officially joined the ranks of the exhibitors, and hosted our first ever booth. To make our debut a memorable one for attendees, we also featured our new lineup—TruCourse—a complete MWD/LWD system that includes an all-new surface system.


The response from current customers and show visitors was resoundingly positive. The booth, manned by Business Development and a rotating cast of Tolteq employees, became a destination and stopping point for many an attendee. There were many moments throughout the three days when up to five representatives were busy interacting with attendees, many of them from other countries. We answered questions that ranged from simple to complex, from “What is MWD?” to technical queries about our proprietary architecture. Many neighboring exhibitors took notice of our traffic, and stopped by to ask what we were doing!

Business Development Manager Jennifer Padgett expressed what many of us felt: “I was so proud to be an exhibitor after so many years of walking the floor. It marks a new phase for us in many ways, and announces to the world that we are serious about becoming the go-to provider for all of their MWD needs. Also, on a more personal level, it was incredibly satisfying to have so many Tolteq employees come by our booth this year. I know they were proud, after all, it was their hard work that helped to bring our new lineup to fruition.”

Read the official press release here.
About TruCourse.

Tolteq at GPS

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Next up for the Tolteq crew is the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary, Canada, on June 10-12. We will be exhibiting our TruCourse lineup at Booth 4448. Please stop-by if you are planning to attend. We would love to touch base and share our excitement over our new product offering. See you there!

Tolteq gets ISO certified

Tolteq was recently certified as ISO: 9001:2008 compliant after a thorough analysis of its quality system by DNV Business Assurance, an independent third party registrar. Released in November of 2008, ISO 9001:2008 is the latest release of the 9001 standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and sets a more rigorous standard than earlier releases.

ISO 9001:2008 provides numerous requirements that must be met in order to receive certification, including:

•A set of procedures that cover all key processes in the business
•Monitoring processes to ensure they are effective
•Maintaining adequate records
•Checking output for defects, with appropriate corrective action where necessary
•Regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness
•Facilitating continual improvement

By receiving this certification from an industry-recognized third-party registrar, DNV Business Associates, Tolteq customers are assured that they are dealing with a company that prioritizes its customer, and is committed to world-class service.

Company President and Founder Paul Deere believes that the ISO quality management principles will become “An indispensable foundation, especially as we continue our phenomenal growth and enter new markets internationally.” He added, “This is a landmark achievement that all of our employees can take pride in accomplishing.”

Read the rest of the official press release here.
View the certificate here.

Paul in E&P Magazine

Our very own Paul Deere was recently featured in E&P magazine, a leading oil and gas trade publication, in a piece on drilling technology. Speaking on improved drilling efficiency, Deere had this to say:

“Operators want more information about the efficiency of their drilling as measured down at the bit, and they are looking for more information about the geology,” said Paul Deere, founder and president, Tolteq Group LLC. “Operators are frequently requesting the availability of more information so that they can make decisions while they are drilling. They are getting away from preplanned drilling and starting to make real-time decisions based on what they see in the geology.”

“The systems and tools that comprise MWD have evolved, he explained. The electronics have improved in quality and are a lot smaller. Even the mechanical materials have improved.”

Continue reading the excerpt here.
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