Carter Praises American Energy Independence During Tolteq Visit

Carter Praises American Energy Independence During Tolteq Visit

August 11, 2014


Today U.S. Congressman John Carter (R-Texas) visited Tolteq, a high-tech manufacturer that designs and produces innovative directional drilling guidance systems, a critical technology used for well placement commonly referred to in the industry as Measurement While Drilling (MWD).

Cedar Park, Texas, August 11, 2014 – During his visit to Tolteq, Congressman Carter was exposed to the ruggedized hardware and sophisticated electronics that have allowed energy companies to successfully tap into widespread unconventional resources that were overlooked just a decade ago. Congressman Carter toured the Tolteq facility with company President and Founder Paul Deere, and visited with employees working on various projects.

Speaking to the gathered employees, the Congressman focused on the meteoric rise of American oil and gas production, projected by some experts to surpass that of Saudi Arabia in the coming years.

“Tolteq is a national leader in designing and manufacturing equipment for drilling oil and a gas, which is an absolute necessity for this country,” said Congressman Carter. “Our friends and neighbors who live right here in Central Texas are providing the solution through American ingenuity, hard-work, and dedication to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and gas.”


Congressman Carter speaks to the gathered Tolteq employees.

The Congressman also touched on another benefit from the new energy boom: job creation. “These are the American jobs with American solutions we all admire,” he said. “I look forward to seeing our economy grow through the great work of companies like Tolteq.”

Tolteq designs and manufactures a variety of downhole electronics that reside in the drill string behind the drill bit, designed to detect and transmit locational and formation data to the surface via mud pulse telemetry. The company also provides various patented solutions to help drillers analyze well bore data and troubleshoot drilling issues.

This is the second time in Tolteq’s short history in which it has received attention from policymakers. In late 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry toured Tolteq as well, and paid tribute in his speech to energy security and small businesses throughout the state.

Tolteq Founder and President Paul Deere (left) guides Congressman Carter on a tour of the Tolteq facilities.

Tolteq Founder and President Paul Deere (left) guides Congressman Carter on a tour of the Tolteq facilities.

Tolteq President Paul Deere, who built his company from a two-person operation through a focus on reliable and efficient MWD products, said: “We are excited to be recognized at such a high-level for what we are doing. We’ve been saying it all along—this boom would not have been possible anywhere else in the world. It’s the independent oil companies, with their innovative spirit and determination, that made it happen. We are proud to be supporting them in their continued success as we get closer to energy independence.”

Congressman Carter has in the past supported various energy initiatives to promote domestic oil and gas production, including H.R. 2728, entitled Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy and Security Act.