Tolteq in 2015: A Bold Start to a New Year

Tolteq in 2015: A Bold Start to a New Year

Jennifer Padgett, Business Development Manager
January 6, 2015


When we say we are growing fast, we really mean it. In just five years, Tolteq has come from a company with one customer-facing employee (who also happened to be responsible for tool design and managing the company) to an organization with a fully functioning Business Development department that is 100% focused on improving the customer experience. We hope that you, our customers, have reaped the benefits of this positive growth.

As the rig count rose last year, many MWD service companies put their confidence in Tolteq as their go-to vendor for MWD tools. We do not take that responsibility lightly. To ensure continued customer satisfaction, we accomplished several big goals:

  • Restructured our engineering division to better facilitate new product design and existing product improvement projects.
  • Earned our ISO 9001:2008 certification so that customers can buy with confidence, knowing that Tolteq is a vendor they can trust to continue to produce quality products.
  • Developed a field operations manual to accompany our products, further eliminating any guesswork in the field.

As we plan for 2015, I’m wondering, what would you expect of Tolteq this year?

It’s a bold question, I know. My mom always said, “Don’t ask a question unless you are ready to hear the answer.” So, I’ve prepared myself and my staff! We really want to hear from you: please tell us what we can do to better serve you.

To help us gather your suggestions, we are putting together a series of customer surveys, to be sent out at several points in 2015. Please take the time to fill them out.

In the meantime, we expect 2015 to be a momentous year for us.

The first TruCourseTM kits will be shipping out to customers in the next few months. This proprietary platform is going to provide our customers with a much needed competitive advantage in the more cost conscious 2015 market. The TruCourse platform will provide a greatly improved feature set as well as expandability unseen in the industry-standard legacy platform. Another new offering available now is our iRGM Ruggedized Gamma Module. To learn more, be sure to check out the iRGM product page or contact your Account Manager.

TruCourse is an exciting new direction for us and for the industry, but it’s really just the beginning. Believe me, innovation is an integral part of our DNA. We have lots of great new products in development, and many are slated for release in 2015, so stay tuned.

As for our Product Support, expect a new approach as we restructure into customer teams. Very soon, each and every account will have a dedicated team consisting of an account manager and support personnel. This move is designed to enhance and expedite the support process, as our teams deepen their knowledge of specific customer needs and customers grow to trust the same personnel on a regular basis.

In the meantime, please drop me a line and let me know what we can do to keep Tolteq as your MWD manufacturer of choice into 2015 and beyond.


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