January Bits

January Bits

January 6, 2015
Find out what’s going on at Tolteq this month.


 Tolteq iRGM now available


We are excited to announce the release  of our new gamma module, iRGM (Intelligent Ruggedized Gamma Module). The newest member of our iSeries features an unheard of industry spec for vibration: 45 G’s RMS, 15-500 Hz. With that kind of resilience, we are confident that it will become the most reliable gamma in your tool inventory.

To find out more about the exhaustive testing that went into iRGM, read the white paper. The new product page can be accessed here. Also available is the accompanying data sheet, ready for download in PDF.


Careers at Tolteq

Our company has experienced tremendous growth and has doubled in size in just a few short years. We are currently hiring for various positions, especially in engineering. If you are passionate about what you do, and are interested in Tolteq, take a look at our Careers page here.


Tolteq: A Total Solution

TotalSolutions_coverWe understand that competition is fierce in the MWD sector, and that tolerance for non-productive time is at an all-time low.

Wondering how Tolteq can help meet your unique challenges? If you are in need of a quick breakdown of what we have to offer, look no further than our new Total Solutions data sheet. It’s a single 2-sided data sheet that briefly lists some typical industry needs, and our solutions to those needs. Download our Total Solutions PDF now.