You want Survey on Connect? You want Tolteq’s TruVertical

You want Survey on Connect? You want Tolteq’s TruVertical

By Todd Campau
May 5, 2015
TruVerticalWhen you don’t need a complete MWD set up and speed is your main concern, Tolteq, LLC (Tolteq) has a cost effective solution to keep your vertical section on track using proven technology. Find out more about our new vertical logging and survey capability.

Ruggedness, ease of use and simplicity are the dynamic features of the Tolteq TruVertical system. Our TruVertical tool complements your existing fleet. The typical configuration is 146” long and consists of a TMP, Battery and iDM. There’s also an optional gamma capability.

Here’s something different – with TruVertical you’ll not need a MWD field hand on site. It’s a man less system designed to operate with minimal or no user oversight. TruVertical takes advantage of the short intervals between connections during your vertical logging and survey operations to provide real time information.

The tool string is operational in the vertical, and goes into a low power state when horizontal. Once vertical, it powers up. Your intent is to follow the well plan – TruVertical will pulse up two important variables: inclination and azimuth.

Staying on track in the vertical is crucial to following your well plan. With TruVertical, if you start to drift off, you’re going to know right away. Tolteq’s TruVertical system is a cost effective solution to keep you on track and provide a more precise drill line, thereby maximizing your efforts.

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