Keeping Your RFD in Good Order

Keeping Your RFD in Good Order

By Todd Campau
May 5, 2015
Regular maintenance on your tool string is something Tolteq LLC (Tolteq) recommends to keep your operations running smoothly. But don’t neglect your RFD!

RFD2Nothing messes up your productivity like a virus. I don’t mean the common cold or even Ebola, I’m talking computer viruses. Everyone knows that laptop computers can get infected, but did you know that your Rig Floor Decoder (RFD) is susceptible too?

You might think your RFD is immune to malware, Trojans and common viruses which infect the standard home computer. However, the potential exists and can seriously disrupt your activities. Tolteq has an answer for you.

All new laptops and RFDs fielded to customers come equipped with a virus scanner. Legacy systems in the field might not have this capability. And while complete anti-virus suites like Norton or McAfee are too resource intensive for your RFD, Microsoft ™ has a solution.

Download the free virus protection – Microsoft Security Essentials, once downloaded and installed on your computer, follow the directions to run a complete scan. This will quarantine and get rid of most viruses.

To help combat ongoing virus threats, be sure to set up an auto-schedule for regular scans. With proper use and regular scans your operations will be as reliable and virus free as possible.

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