Conferences – not your old fashioned boondoggle

Conferences – not your old fashioned boondoggle

By Todd Campau
June 2, 2015
Last month the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) took place in Houston and although attendance was lower this year, it was still a great opportunity to learn about what’s in store for the industry.

OTC15For some, OTC was like Thanksgiving dinner – a gorging of contacts, new ideas, and shiny objects. A few participants might’ve suffered through the “meat sweats” so to speak, of an overabundance of introductions, hand-shaking, business card exchanges, and both domestic & international exposure. We live for that.

You might have heard that a business trip to a trade show is just a boondoggle, but not for Tolteq LLC (Tolteq). Our intent is to attend conferences and exhibitions, in order to maximize our exposure, build brand recognition and spread the good word about Tolteq products and services. We see conferences as venues through which industry members network, share best practices, gauge the needs of the market, and develop tools to fill those gaps.

The Offshore Technology Conference has been around since 1969, growing from a small group of oil & gas industry scientists and engineers to the world-wide expo it is now.

Although Tolteq attended OTC many times throughout the years, this is the second year Tolteq has had a booth. People from all parts of the industry visited to learn of Tolteq’s new products and updates to existing tool strings.

Jennifer Padgett, Business Development manager, stated, “We have found OTC to be a great vehicle to both connect with existing customers and create awareness of Tolteq and our products with potential customers – especially with international companies.”

With Houston as the epicenter of the world energy universe and OTC its spotlight event, OTC is so successful it spawned regional conferences – OTC Brasil, OTC Asia, and the Arctic Technology Conference.

Other events exist where scientists, drillers, geologists, engineers, government representatives, educators, etc. converge to discuss, strategize and make deals. Tolteq has attended a few of these, including CIPPE – the China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition, IADC – the International Association of Drilling Contractors Conference and Exhibition in Houston, GPS – the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, ADIPEC – the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi and Rio Oil & Gas Expo.

Bet on Tolteq returning to OTC in 2016 with new equipment and upgrades to our existing product lines. If you miss us there, come to another conference in which we participate. It’s been said that the only constant in life is change, and Tolteq will be there with the right tools to address your changing needs, whatever they may be.

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