Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It

By Todd Campau
June 2, 2015
Many of us took apart and rebuilt electronic components, computers, engines, and the like when we were younger. It satisfied that innate, child-like curiosity and helped us learn about the wonders of science and technology. But when it comes to the Tolteq LLC (Tolteq) Intelligent Ruggedized Gamma Module, you need to suppress that Inspector Gadget/Mr. Fix It urge if you want to keep the iRGS in good working order.

iRGMOur production techs take great care when installing specialized springs in the iRGS floating gamma chamber. Downhole shock and vibration energy can negatively impact the fragile internal components, so it’s vital these springs are correctly set in place and remain intact.

If the module is opened incorrectly, these springs can eject without warning, causing injury to anyone in the immediate vicinity. Moreover, once opened, the overall integrity of the module is compromised.

Potentially uncontrollable flying springs isn’t the only hazard you’ll encounter when opening the iRGS. Ever been on the receiving end of a Taser? Okay, so the shock from the iRGS isn’t that powerful, but it still can reach up to 1550 volts during the operation. If the module were to be opened incorrectly, this energy could release, causing significant damage to the tool, any surrounding equipment, and could injure personnel working on the module.

Therefore, Tolteq strongly recommends that you suppress that “Mr. Fix It” impulse when it comes to your iRGS. If you think the iRGS isn’t working properly or might be damaged, contact your Account Manager or Tolteq Support for analysis and follow on steps. At the end of the day, we want your iRGS module in proper working order as much as you do. And we have the team and tools to make that happen.

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