Innovation Drives Industry

Innovation Drives Industry

By Todd Campau
August 4, 2015
There are three constants in life: death, taxes and change. Change is familiar to Tolteq because innovation is in our blood. Our innovations have changed how the oil and gas industry drills.

If there’s a field in which something “new and improved” hasn’t been introduced I can’t think of it. We have Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets instead, of corded, rotary dial up phones. OnStar, instead of AAA™ maps. And key fobs that let you unlock your door and start the car from across the parking lot. These innovations have immensely changed how we live.

TMPangleYou may not know this, but Tolteq LLC (Tolteq) has had a comparable impact on the drilling industry. Think back to 2010, how long did it take a team to conduct maintenance on your fleet? Five hours, twelve, more? Tolteq’s Top Mount Pulser dropped that time to just a few hours, not the entire day. Your equipment is back to work in a fraction of the time, and in the field – time is money.

The data you collected in the past might not have been fully analyzed and used. Our Surface System and Tool Tracker™ turn your data woes into wows. Automated decoding has replaced manned operation giving you more consistent, accurate results.

Before Tolteq brought you the iTPM, no pulsers on the market had the ability to track performance memory. Memory storage in our iTPM was ten times more than the industry standard at that time and has continued to improve.

Change is hard and sometimes not easy to make. However, Tolteq’s unique engineering designs have proven to increase your operational efficiencies, reduce costs and save you time. Switching to the Tolteq brand is a smart change.

Drilling for oil and gas has never been a job for the weak. One must be tenacious and hard-headed with an adventurous spirit and a steely resolve. But you don’t have to do things the old fashioned way.

Long gone are the days of trudging across the room to turn the channel on the television. Why not exchange the old fashioned way of drilling for Tolteq’s patented, innovative system. Tolteq founder and President Paul Deere invites you to see for yourself. Let us do a field demo for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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