One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All

By Todd Campau
August 4, 2015
Have you ever tried to fix a pair of sunglasses? The corner screw came lose and maybe you used a fingernail or toothpick to screw it in place. If you lost the screw entirely, you might’ve MacGyver’d it with a paperclip or fishing wire until you got a real replacement. The correct tool and part is a lifesaver in that situation, right? The same goes for Tolteq products.

Previously you read about the need to update your Tolteq tool’s firmware and software systems. Regular updates are an important part of what keeps your equipment operating correctly. Using the right tool during maintenance is another. At Tolteq, we use specific tools when assembling, repairing or conducting maintenance. You should too.

12-Dowel-TMP-Valve-Loosening-Tool2Tolteq has unique tools designed for fleet maintenance. Instead of using just any wrench laying around the work shop – we recommend a specific tool. For example, the 12-dowel TMP Valve Loosening Tool exactly fits the Valve Sub-Assembly and is highly encouraged for use during maintenance. Why risk damaging the Male Rotary Connector with pliers to pull it from the bulkhead assembly when Tolteq has an extractor tool designed specifically for this procedure? Or how about using a tool made to install the orifice holder and set the gap instead of a ratchet. You’ll get better results with the correct tool.

In addition to having the right tool, you should always have the correct replacement part. Screw sizes, and especially O-rings, can be deceptive. Using what looks like the right replacement piece could cause problems in the long run. Being off by a few millimeters might cause a connection to become loose and damage your tool. Tolteq recommends looking up each part size and using the exact replacement. Have a question about your Tolteq product? Search the maintenance manual for guidance, contact a Field Application Engineer (FAE), call at 512-220-1614 or email.

In these fiscally tight times you might be tempted to buy third party replacement parts to save a few bucks. However, it’s critical to the functionality of Tolteq products to use precision-engineered Tolteq parts instead of one not specifically designed for the tool. The pulser orifice holder is a great example of this. The cost of a downhole failure caused by an out-of-spec part can quickly exceed the savings from buying the third party replacement.

It’s never a bad idea to conduct refresher training. Tolteq has a robust training department through which you can get the latest innovations for your products as well as solidify what you initially learned. Request information from your account manager about training classes with our very own FAEs. On the other hand, if you want us to review your maintenance procedures, contact your account manager to schedule an audit.

Tool TrackerDon’t forget about Tool TrackerTM. Although it’s a software application – it also is a great asset. Used regularly, Tool Tracker can be one of the most effective ‘tools’ in your work shop. Leverage it to diagnose what maintenance is required for your Tolteq MWD system. Then get to it.

We want to ensure your Tolteq products are as reliable after every maintenance check as they were the day you purchased them. In today’s hypercompetitive environment with little margin for error, having Tolteq-designed and manufactured replacement parts and maintenance tools for your Tolteq MWD equipment is more important than ever.

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