Tolteq’s New Surface System Software Eliminates Nonproductive Rig Time

Tolteq’s New Surface System Software Eliminates Nonproductive Rig Time

By Jennifer Padgett
August 6, 2015
In the last few weeks, our President and Founder Paul Deere and Account Manager Jon Weatherly have been on the road telling the industry about the advantages of the recent product developments by Tolteq, including TruCourseTM, TruVertical and the spin off technologies that have been introduced to our i-Series (legacy compatible) systems.

All of our innovations are centered around reducing nonproductive rig time. These conversations have gone very well and we have been receiving a lot of interest in our new products. We are always interested in the challenges faced by our customer so we always ask about them. In one particular meeting when asked if they had any challenges they were dealing with, the client told us about an issue they were having on two rigs. The rigs were drilling the lateral and had an XRV Pulse vibration tool downhole. When the XRV was used downhole, the client’s surface system (which was not Tolteq’s surface system) was having trouble decoding through the noise generated by the vibration tool. It was taking the competitive surface system 2 to 7 pump cycles to catch synch and decode a complete survey; the MWD field hand estimated that it took an average of 4 pump cycles to receive a valid survey.

GuideCaseContentsNever shying away from a direct side by side comparison with a competitive product, we asked if we could run our redesigned Tolteq Surface System software (TSS) side by side with the client’s current surface system. The client agreed and in less than 24 hours, a Tolteq FAE (Field Application Engineer) and Account Manager were at the rig site. The iSeries Surface System with new TSS Software was installed on the rig and we were up and running. TSS caught sync on the first attempt, every time, with 100% decode throughout the connection. The Tolteq Surface System Software resulted in 100% decoding at an 88/100 quality rating. The competitor’s system produced 98% decoding at a 66/100 quality rating. The competitor’s system missed synch and the DD was able to get the survey from TSS and not have to recycle pumps. The increased performance of TSS as compared to the other surface system was superior. The client then asked us to move it to the other rig they were struggling with. The client was so impressed, we received a purchase order for two surface systems that week. The surface system were delivered a few days after the order was received. A Tolteq FAE even went back to the rig site to help install the new systems and give some brief training.

The client firmly believes that TSS helped them retain valuable work during these lean time in the oil patch. If you consider the reduction in nonproductive time by TSS utilization, you will see why. For example, if you assume an average of 4 pump cycles to get a valid survey when it should only take one pump cycle, TSS recued pump cycles by 3. At 5 minutes per survey attempt, that is 15 minutes of nonproductive rig time at every connection! Stated another way, a quarter of the rig time was nonproductive. If the rig ROP was 90 feet per hour and the 15 minutes of nonproductive rig time per connection was eliminated, the ROP goes to 120 feet per hour. In a 5,000 foot lateral at an ROP of 90 feet per hour, it would be completed in 2 days, 7 hours, and 33 minutes. In contrast, that same lateral at an ROP of 120 feet per hour would be completed in 1 day, 17 hours and 40 minutes. This results in a 13 hour reduction of time to drill out the lateral. This is exactly the type of efficiency that the operating companies are looking for during this sub $50 per barrel oil market.

TSS is just one of many MWD efficiencies we will be introducing over the new few months. We are very excited about what we have accomplished and we cannot wait for you to see more of it. If you are having some difficulties on a job, please call us and let us know; chances are we have a solution for you. If we don’t, our team of outstanding engineers will design with one. The more we understand your challenges, the better product we can provide you. For those of you that are currently running our Guide Surface System, there is an upgrade path to TSS. Contact your account manager for more details. If you are interested in learning more about our new products please contact your account manager and we will arrange a time to meet with you. If you do not know who your account manager is, simple call our main number at 512-331-4241 and our friendly receptionist Stacey (yes, we even have a real person answer the phone at Tolteq) will get you all set up.

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