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Tell it Like it Is – Truth Builds Trust

Tell it Like it Is – Truth Builds Trust

By Todd Campau
September 1, 2015
receiptIt seems like I can’t do anything these days without someone asking me to take a survey. The clerk passes my coffee and the receipt with a circled toll free number I can call to answer a survey. When I get to the office, the first things in my email Inbox are requests from Enterprise to rate my rental car experience and Holiday Inn wanting to know about my hotel stay. I’m barely awake and I have already been bombarded with three survey requests!

Knowing this is your reality too, we wouldn’t send surveys if we didn’t want your input on how we’re doing and how we can get better. Tolteq has an online survey specifically designed to enhance your experience. A few minutes is all it takes.

At Tolteq, one of our principal goals is total customer satisfaction. Feedback is an important way to achieve this. We want to meet or exceed your expectations – but that’s challenging if we don’t know what those individual experiences are. The good news is, you can let us know via our survey.

Our survey consists of six questions and two comment sections. We want to hear all your thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly. Thus, we included the comment boxes for your personal perspective on how we can better fit your needs. Please feel free to describe your unique experience. We welcome that! Management reviews the survey responses each month to determine what actions, if any, we should take to improve our processes and thus, your experience.

You might wonder, “What do I get from taking a survey?” Your thoughts help us understand how to enhance our products/services and thus, your Tolteq experience. In about the same amount of time it takes to fill your tank, you can let us know how to improve our product and/or service in order to better meet your expectations. Potentially, everyone can reap a big advantage for minimal effort.
If our field application engineers resolved a product service support issue for you, expect a survey request the first week of the following month. It’s about making your Tolteq experience positive and efficient. So take a few minutes to help us serve you better.

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