Intelligent Directional Module (iDM)


Because you can never have enough intelligence

Ready to make the move to the i-Series? Let iDM become the heart of your new tool string. Yes, it will work with standard legacy tools, but connect it to the rest of our system to take your data acquisition to the next level. With extensive logging, data analysis through Tool Tracker™, and so much more, you will never go back to dumb.


Compact design

It’s OK to be short
When you compare iDM to other directional tools, you’ll wonder where the rest of it went. Open it and you will appreciate superior design at work. Inside you will see an iDE, Tolteq’s rugged strong-back chassis, protecting two compact sealed boards that reside in a stacked configuration. Connected to the iDE, you will see a custom NOV sensor that features on-board coefficients designed for a seamless plug-n-play experience. The results? A 33% shorter module* that offers improved resistance to the harsh effects of shock and vibration.
*In comparison to typical legacy-style directional tools

real-time data

Real-time data, including shock and vibration

Your drill string is in good hands with iDM
When it comes down to it, your directional module’s job is to provide accurate data, and iDM will do that and more. In addition to calculating the indispensable inclination and azimuth, iDM will give you shock, vibration and RPM. And with our GUIDE MWD Surface System, you can see all this data on your displays as it’s happening in real time.


An extreme performer
in the most extreme conditions

Doesn’t sweat the heat, and neither should you
With an operating temperature of 175°C, iDM can take the heat and keep on working. How is it possible to put all of those advanced electronics into iDM and expect it to work in such extreme conditions? Because every component and material that goes into iDM was meticulously chosen and refined, and then thermal tested before leaving the door. The result is a rugged and advanced tool that will not let you down when you need it most.


More drilling sequences

Save precious bandwidth for the data that matters
Why pulse toolface when you’re drilling straight? With two customizable while-drilling sequences (in addition to the survey sequence), you can tell iDM exactly what you need. And with automatic switching between sequences, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong information.
iDM just made your life a lot easier.


Really long life

And a low failure rate too
In a testament to its original design, many of the early directional modules are still going strong—some even surpassing 9,000 hours. iDM has proven to be just as reliable, but with all of the advantages of the i-Series. In addition to a long lfe, iDM also boasts an impressive MTBF (mean time between failures) of over 3,400 hours between tool breakdowns.

Never satisfied with the status quo

Always innovative, thanks to our engineers
With an upgrade path through scheduled firmware updates, iDM will never become obsolete. New features added in the past few quarters include: ability to pulse raw survey data, added support for additional resistivity tool features, enhanced battery depassivation logging, and new
shock/vibration/RPM pulsed variables.


Internal logging

Saves your valuable data for later
With not one, but two boards that log environmental and performance data, iDM has all of your bases covered. The controller, iMCU, logs the critical directional measurements (raw or calculated), along with shock, vibration, battery voltage, gamma, and more. And the power supply logs its own performance, as well as temperature, shock and vibration. Further adding to its versatility, iDM can be configured to log as frequently as every ten seconds. And with significant storage for multiple jobs, you won’t accidentally overwrite all this valuable data.


Effortless data analysis

Without having to deal with spreadsheets
What are you going to do with all that great data iDM just logged? You can manually plug it into a spreadsheet, or even better, view it in Tolteq’s groundbreaking Tool Tracker software. With this powerful application (sold separately), you can view your data however you choose: create color-coded multi-variable graphs that will allow you to quickly find the right information.
You don’t even have to remove the electronics, just plug-in the Tool Tracker
cable to iDM and start analyzing.