SureMate Centralizer


Human error, meet your match

SureMate Centralizer It’s a problem that has plagued the industry for years: bad connections and broken pins caused by human error (or is that bad design?) during an MWD tool string assembly. The solution? SureMate. A breakthrough in centralizer technology, SureMate features a foolproof design that will bring you peace-of-mind.

Attaches in about thirty seconds

No need to count pins or visualize mating connectors

In three easy steps:

  1. Insert SureMate
  2. Rotate until the mating connectors fall in place
    (don’t worry, if it’s the wrong end it won’t fall in)
  3. Tighten with a wrench to get a full connection

Now wasn’t that easy?


Foolproof connections

Begs the question, “Why didn’t I think of it first?”

SureMate features two distinct keyed ends that will only match-up with their up-hole or down-hole counterparts, preventing a backwards connection. And because the SureMate shaft is designed to fall into the key before making a connection, you can’t damage the subsea connector even if you tried.


Built-in flexibility

Minimize wear and tear on the weakest points

Long-term insurance comes from the spring-loaded shafts that protect the critical subsea connectors. Designed to absorb harsh vibrations, SureMate will virtually eliminate the dreaded pin “fretting” that can wreak havoc on electrical connections.