Intelligent Ruggedized Gamma Module (iRGM)



Rug•ged•ize: to strengthen (as a machine) for better resistance to wear, stress, and abuse

A name earned from hours of painstaking engineering and extreme testing

When things get really rough downhole, gamma is usually the first to go. And why shouldn’t it? With a fragile scintillator and photomultiplier tube at the heart of every sensor, gamma tools rarely take the abuse. Until now.

Tolteq’s Intelligent Ruggedized Gamma Module, iRGM, represents a leap in downhole hardware design. Inspired by sophisticated naval ordinance, iRGM features a patent pending floating gamma chamber that isolates the fragile internals from destructive shock and vibration. The result? The most advanced and ruggedized gamma module in the industry.


Exhaustively tested and calibrated

Just how rugged is iRGM?
After exhaustive in-house and independent third-party testing, we have rated the Tolteq iRGM to an unheard of industry spec: 45 G’s RMS for vibration. That’s 25 G’s more than our nearest competitor. And coupled with its extensive built-in logging capabilities, iRGM represents the most advanced and ruggedized gamma module in the industry.

Optimized for the iSeries family

But plays well with others
iRGM is designed to be compatible with all legacy-style tools, allowing it to be plugged into a number of non-Tolteq toolstrings. However, to truly maximize its powerful capabilities, we recommend that you use iRGM as an integral part of your complete Tolteq system. Use iSeries tools for reliable performance, the Tolteq GUIDE Surface System to display real-time gamma data, and Tool Tracker for extensive data analysis.


Independent logging with ample storage

Because in MWD redundancy is always a good thing
Why rely on just your controller for logged data? Unlike other gamma tools that offer little more than a sensor and power supply, iRGM includes a processor that lets you measure and individually log temperature, vibration, shock, voltage, current, and gamma count. And with a generous storage capacity, you don’t have to worry about running out of memory before a job is completed.

High-temperature compensation

Eliminate the drift phenomena to get accurate data
Because iRGM utilizes built-in intelligence, it can compensate for the phenomena of high-temperature “drift” with an internal compensation coefficient. The data you receive is corrected right out of the box, saving you the worry of having to manually input an API scaling factor into your software. And with an operating temperature of 175°C, iRGM can take the heat and keep on working.


No more bad connections

Makes broken pins a distant memory
It has plagued the industry for years: broken connections caused by human error and bad design. Consider the problem solved. With unique keyed ends (optional), iRGM will safely connect to the spring-loaded Tolteq SureMate™ centralizer every time. Just push the two ends together and rotate until you feel the connection, then tighten. It’s so easy, building a tool string will never be the same.

Effortless data analysis

Let Tool Tracker™ turn your data woes into wows
What are you going to do with all that great data iRGM just logged? You can manually plug it into a spreadsheet, or even better, view it in Tolteq’s groundbreaking Tool Tracker software. With this powerful application (sold separately), you can view your data however you choose: create impressive color-coded multi-variable graphs with one click. You don’t even have to remove the electronics, just plug-in the Tool Tracker cable to iRGM and start analyzing.