Tool Tracker

Tool Tracker

Unprecedented Access to Downhole Data

Tool Tracker is the most advanced, yet user-friendly MWD data analysis and data archiving software on the market. Tool Tracker software interfaces with Tolteq tools to provide unprecedented access to downhole data. Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting, increase MTBF, and make your tools work better.tooltrackerv3Screens


A complete solution

Analyze data, then identify and resolve issues
Tool Tracker displays all of your logged measurements, including temperature, vibration, shock and RPM to provide you with a complete picture of the downhole environment. With the click of a button, you can analyze data, identify issues and resolve those issues. You can also see live surface tool data including temperature, battery voltage, current consumption, shock and vibration, and flow. Increase your MTBF and make your tools work better—get Tool Tracker.

iSeries optimization

Take advantage of iSeries tool logging
All Tolteq iSeries tools record their own operating history. Access this valuable data with Tool Tracker:

  • Directional measurements (raw and calculated)
  • Battery voltage
  • Current draw
  • Flow state
  • Pulse width
  • Pulse state

Operating history

View your tool’s lifetime history
Operating history shows the total tool life statistical data including hours for nine different temperature ranges as well as two resettable odometers to track individual jobs.



Never lose your notes again
Notepad gives you a convenient place to record detailed information about the tool such as job history, maintenance, etc. The information is stored directly in the tool’s memory for retrieval at a later time.


Removes the guesswork

Because it’s hard to see a mile underground 
With Tool Tracker’s zoomable graphs, you can identify common drilling issues like stick slip and bit bounce. In addition, you can quickly identify:

  • Tool string connection problems
  • Downhole power loss
  • Sensor damage or failure
  • Flow switch and pulse quality issues

Indisputable evidence

Protect your investment with real data
Is your tool inventory contractually protected with operating limitations?
With Tool Tracker’s exhaustive temperature and shock/vibration data, you can easily prove excessive wear and tear.