Tolteq Universal Tester

Tolteq Universal Tester

Thoroughly Test Your Electronics
and Get Downhole Ready

The Universal Tester

Now, you can own the same tester Tolteq engineers and technicians have relied on for years. With TUT you can ensure
that all of your Tolteq tools are downhole ready—just connect and let TUT do the rest. Get reliable test results for
voltage and current, temperature, memory, and vibration. In addition, get tool-specific results such as pulse and flow for
your pulser, load for your power supply, and battery for your directional module. Test individual tools using the intuitive
interface, or let TUT guide you through a step-by-step comprehensive tool string test, then print your custom report to
PDF with one click. Get downhole ready—get TUT.

  • Included thermocouple independently validates temperature
  • Test individual modules or the complete tool string
  • Add your own notes with the Notepad feature
  • Connect directly to your tool with the supplied cable
  • Innovative software runs on PC or tablet via USB
  • Plug-n-play interface requires one click to begin testing
  • No battery required—powered with AC/DC universal power supply
  •  Automatically runs suite of built-in tests that apply to the tool being tested and logs the results
  •  Comprehensive test checks for tool string functionality as it prompts step-by-step disassembly/reassembly
  • Graphical display on your PC indicates progress as well as a simple pass/fail result with detailed fail information
  • Upgradeable firmware means you will always have the most current features and capabilities
  • One-click print to PDF feature saves the identical report you see on screen

Customer support from real experts.

It is not enough to just make great products—we have to stand behind them. Every Tolteq product comes with support from a staff of knowledgeable people, starting with your account manager all the way to product support engineers who have spent time in the field. And reaching them isn’t hard either, just call us directly and we’ll connect you with the right person.