Technician Training

Technician Training

Tolteq Maintenance & Reliability Course

The Best Expertise on the Best MWD Tools

Competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the MWD industry and many downhole jobs are delayed or
compromised due to improper tool maintenance. To succeed, you must have technicians trained in the best practices
for maintaining MWD tools to the highest standards of reliability and performance. Our maintenance and reliability
training will empower your team to perform to the highest standards through a rigorous 3-day course.


Hardware Maintenance & Testing

Shop technicians will be guided through our time-tested procedures, from disassembly, to cleaning, to final reassembly, with a focus on complete reliability. In addition, our testing workflow is integrated every step of the way, to ensure that your Tolteq electronics are downhole ready.


Software Overview & Integration

Learn how Tolteq software can be leveraged in your shop, from MWD Desktop’s flow simulation to Tool Tracker’s tool performance data. New to Tolteq software?
We can take you through a thorough overview of these powerful applications.

A Comprehensive Course Customized for any Level

Both academic and hands-on in scope, this comprehensive training focuses on Tolteq’s downhole, surface, and shop products. Curriculum can be fine-tuned to best meet your technicians’ levels of experience, from beginner to advanced. Short targeted assessments are administered every step of the way, and a certificate is awarded upon completion.

   More reasons why Tolteq Maintenance & Reliability Training will benefit your organization:

  • Eliminate costly errors by mastering and integrating our proven maintenance procedures
  • Establish an effective and efficient shop workflow that can quickly prepare a field-ready fleet
  • Provide staff with background and insight into the MWD industry
  • Create a qualified and confident shop team that can tackle any problem