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TruCourse System


MWD/LWD System


The System of Tomorrow Has Arrived

It’s Time to Start a New Legacy

The wait is over—now it’s time to get back to drilling. With TruCourse™ in your fleet, you can expect all of the advantages of next-generation technology, with none of the frustrating limitations of today.

TruCourse features a veritable wish list for the directional driller who is ready to take their job to the next level. A truly reliable hardware design that eliminates the most common weak points? Check. A capable downhole performer that gives you the flexibility of easy LWD expansion? Check. Integrates with Tool Tracker™ for analyzing downhole data? Check.

Fast and reliable

With the best pulser in the industry
TruCourse offers flexibility with two pulser options: a rugged top mount pulser or our long-standing retrievable pulser. With the top mount pulser, take advantage of faster telemetry transmission rates—up to three times faster than standard Legacy platforms (1 second pulse width)—at a depth of 10,000 ft.

Modern communications bus

Say goodbye to dedicated lines
With its proprietary 4-line bus, TruCourse can communicate between downhole tools ten times faster, ensures that critical data is sent and received, and downloads logs with Tool Tracker at least five times faster. TruCourse also boasts incomparable noise immunity, ensuring cleaner data every time.

Easy to assemble

Because in the field, time is money
Assembly and disassembly is a snap—literally—thanks to the J-Latch connections. Even better? Tolteq’s Integrated Centralizer with innovative concentric connectors eliminates fragile pins altogether, and without the need for spanner wrench holes, there are much fewer wash points.

Ruggedized hardware

Incredibly resistant to shock and vibration
TruCourse features a number of hardware advancements that make it incredibly resistant to shock and vibration, including a safer board mounting design, an integrated conical snubber, and an isolated gamma chamber that has been proven to endure 45 G’s RMS vibration, an industry-first.

Easy maintenance

Removes the nerve-wracking guesswork
System maintenance is critical between jobs, and with TruCourse you can count on a simplified and well-documented maintenance routine. Foolproof features include locking helicoils to eliminate the need for locking adhesives, low-maintenance components, and no vulnerable pigtails.

Add Additional sensors

Easily integrate LWD into your string
LWD scalability is now a reality, thanks to the expanded memory and improved processing power in every board—as well as the proprietary 4-line communication bus that brings it all together. And with Tolteq’s top mount pulser, the valuable downhole end is freed for additional sensors.

Effortless data analysis

Let Tool Tracker™ turn your data woes into wows
What are you going to do with all that great data TruCourse just logged? You can manually plug it into a spreadsheet, or even better, view it in Tolteq’s groundbreaking Tool Tracker software. With this powerful application (sold separately), you can view your data however you choose: create impressive color-coded multi-variable graphs with one click. You don’t even have to remove the electronics, just plug-in the Tool Tracker cable and start analyzing.