About Us

Our Company Pillars Keep Us From Falling

These are the values that inform every decision we make, from the most trivial to the most important. They’re also what we look for in all employees and prospects. No matter how fast we grow, our company pillars will be there to guide us on our journey.


We hear many catchphrases and buzz words around here, but “that’s just business” will never be one of them. Why? Because we are not willing to sacrifice our integrity to attract anyone’s business. We assure you that we will do everything we can to be honest and transparent in all of our interactions.
You deserve nothing less.


We were founded on the idea that we could do it better. We still believe it.
With an ever-growing team of resourceful engineers who think outside the industry “box,” you can expect the kinds of products that will reshape
your approach to MWD.



We are in it for the long haul. We have a corporate vision to provide lasting value to all of our customers through our products and our expertise. And we’re not planning to go away anytime soon.



We realize that time is money, and down time means wasted money.
Our reputation was forged on reliability, and it is a value
we don’t plan to forsake just to rush a product to market.
It is also a quality that we expect from our team.

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Data Driven

Data is our friend. We are convinced that good data is the strongest deterrent to future problems. We design all of our products to provide the most data possible, and the software and support to make sense of it all.