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Intelligent Tolteq Pulser Module (iTPM)


Get reacquainted with our retrievable pulser

The tool that put us on the map just keeps getting better. When the iTPM was introduced to the independent market, there was nothing quite like it. There still isn’t. Satisfied customers all over the world have put iTPM to the test, and continue to sing its praises. Here are a few reasons why they won’t ever go back to regular “Legacy” tools.


Impeccably made

And performs like the well-tuned machine that it is
Constructed from high-grade materials like 6061 aluminum and beryllium copper, iTPM is designed and manufactured with an incomparable attention-to-detail. You can tell by looking at it. Inside, you won’t see potting or tape jobs that pass for protection, just a sleek and rugged case that keeps everything safe and working smoothly.


Two popular configurations

But many more possibilities

iTPM can be easily configured into iPGM with the addition of our new intelligent gamma sensor, iGS. With the gamma so close to the bit, iPGM will provide immediate feedback as you enter the target zone. But why stop there? With Tolteq plug-n-play components, you can transform iTPM into the tool that is best suited to your unique needs. You can even plug-in a battery and make the stand-alone compact tool you have always envisioned, with reliable iTPM performance that will keep your data coming.


Long battery life

With unprecedented efficiency, it will pay for itself over and over
Thanks to innovative optimizations in energy usage, iTPM not only does more, it does more for longer. Even with its reliable performance and vast logging capabilities, iTPM averages an industry leading 400+ operational hours on a single battery! As specialized lithium batteries continue to rise in price, iTPM allows you to focus on other expenses.


No more bad connections

Makes broken pins a distant memory
It has plagued the industry for years: broken connections caused by human error and bad design. Consider the problem solved. With a unique uphole keyed end (optional), iTPM will safely connect to the spring-loaded Tolteq SureMate™ centralizer every time. Just push the two ends together and rotate until you feel the connection, then tighten. It’s so easy, building a toolstring
will never be the same.

LCM Resistance

LCM resistance and
high-temperature reliability

A workhorse that will handle anything
with fewer moving parts and an innovative screen design, iTPM will dispense with the heaviest LCM applications. Even internal wear, known as “washing,” is minimized, thanks to abrasive-resistant ceramic parts. And with a 175°C tolerance, iTPM might be the toughest pulser you will ever send downhole.


Extensive logging

Because you can never have enough data
Thanks to advanced electronics built right into iTPM, you now have an additional set of eyes for tracking environmental data, including shock and vibration. In addition, iTPM will also log its own power usage and flow/pulse states. Best of all, this valuable information is kept safe with a generous storage capacity that will not force the processor to write over older data.

Laptop Tooltracker

Effortless data analysis

Let Tool Tracker™ turn your data woes into wows
What are you going to do with all that great data iTPM just logged? You can manually plug it into a spreadsheet, or even better, view it in Tolteq’s ground-breaking Tool Tracker software. With this powerful application (sold separately), you can view your data however you choose: create impressive color-coded multi-variable graphs with one click. You don’t even have to remove the electronics, just plug-in the Tool Tracker cable to iTPM and start analyzing.


Really fast maintenance

There is more than beauty in simplicity
Because iTPM was designed for superior reliability, there are less parts to worry about. Plug iTPM into the Tolteq Fill Station and be amazed at how fast you can do a complete oil fill. Need guidance? The user manual features color images for every step. Full maintenance in under an hour has just become a reality.