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Vertical Logging and Survey Tool


This Tool is Different From What’s on the Market Today

Tolteq’s TruVertical is not your ordinary survey-on-connect (SOC) tool, it also provides logging, Tool Tracker™ capability and is expandable for gamma as needed.

TruVertical is designed to operate as a man-less system and uses mud pulse technology with proven reliability. Your intent is to stay vertical–TruVertical tracks two important variables to help you do just that: inclination and azimuth.



Built using Tolteq’s proven tools, meaning you have years of proven reliability and experience behind you.

Advanced-Integrates with Tool Tracker™ to access logged tool history and environmental data.
Simple-No rig site setup required.

Extended Survey

Giving you access to valuable information: inclination, azimuth, depth, battery voltage, dip angle, gravity, magnetic field, temperature, shock and vibration.
Extended Survey

TruVertical RFD


Add gamma for additional visibility as you close in on the kick off point.

Rugged-Designed to handle the shock and vibration of today’s downhole environments.
Continuous Improvement-Available through future firmware updates.

Customer support from real experts

It is not enough to just make great products—we have to stand behind them. Every Tolteq product comes with support from a staff of knowledgeable people, starting with your account manager all the way to product support engineers who have spent time in the field. And reaching them isn’t hard either, just call us directly and we’ll connect you with the right person.