GUIDE MWD Surface System

GUIDE MWD Surface System

Everything you need right out of the box
(that’s one box)

Not only is GUIDE the most compact and portable surface system in the industry, it is also the most powerful. With MWD Decoder and Desktop software at your fingertips, and SSI as your tool interface, Guide will provide an unparalleled feature set with optimized decoding.

Our field-proven, complete wellsite solution includes:

  • RFD Rig Floor Decoder
  • SSI Surface System Interface
  • MWD Decoder software (installed in RFD)
  • MWD Desktop software for your PC
  • Pressure Transducer (10,000 PSI, 4-20 mA, hammer union)
  • 2 antennas with magnetic mounts
  • Pressure transducer cable
  • Tool interface cable
  • Weather-proof Pelican™ case
  • Laptop computer (optional)

Compact and easy to set-up

You’ll wonder where the other cables went
Guide MWD Surface System delivers a powerful product in a compact package. The entire setup, including cables, fits into one durable, weather-proof Pelican™ case—less than six square feet! And with only two cables required for full functionality, you can be up and running in less than twenty minutes.

MWD Desktop and MWD Decoder software

A flexible platform that delivers rock-solid performance

GUIDE provides a complete software solution: with MWD Decoder on your rig floor display and MWD Desktop on your PC, connected wirelessly with SSI, you now have the most powerful and intuitive software in the market. With seven utilities, a fully-customizable main screen, well archiving, and automated WITS compatibility, your job has just become a lot easier.

More drilling sequences

Save precious bandwidth for the data that matters

Why pulse toolface when you’re drilling straight? With two configurable while-drilling sequences (in addition to the survey sequence), you can tell GUIDE exactly what you need. And with automatic switching between sequences, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong information. GIUDE just made your life a lot easier.

Real time shock, vibration, and RPM

Protect your investment and reduce downtime

In conjunction with Tolteq directional electronics, GUIDE will display real-time shock, vibration, and RPM on your main screen. You can even set up lower bandwidth warnings or ranges. And since you won’t need to pulse toolface while rotating (see above), you can now add this valuable data to your sequence.

AIM (Automated Intelligent Matrix) Filtering

Shouldn’t every decoder do this?

With an unparalleled matrix of eight filters working simultaneously behind-the-scenes, GUIDE will ensure that you get the most from every pulse (without any extra work from you). Bottom line: better decoding means better data.

Wireless Communication

A wireless solution for less than ideal conditions

With two antennas, you now you have the freedom to put your RFD where you want, and not where your cables dictate. It’s a simple as positioning the two antennas for line-of-sight, then synching them with the GUIDE communications utility.


The Swiss Army Knife in Tolteq Surface System’s back pocket

SSI is the multi-purpose module that transforms any run-of-the-mill PC into an MWD powerhouse. SSI features an array of cable ports, including a transducer cable for pulse simulations, a tool interface cable for direct tool communication, a rugged N-type connector for communicating wirelessly to the RFD, and a standard USB to connect to any PC.

WITS for the rest of us

Take control with plug-n-play functionality

GUIDE was designed from the ground up to make the WITS experience as painless as possible. Gone are the days of entering a myriad of parameters before starting the transfer. Tolteq Surface System automatically selects the best configuration, then transfers the WITS data for you—all in a matter of seconds!

Hanging MWD Display

Built for the harshest conditions

Because the field is no place for broken hardware

The ruggedized, harsh-environment NEMA-4 enclosure that protects the RFD (Rig Floor Decoder) features an LED backlit touchscreen display, a durable N-type radio connector, and overbuilt military-spec connectors for all the other cables. The SSI features a one-piece molded case wrapped around an advanced tool interface. And with a virtually bomb-proof pressure transducer, GUIDE is ready for anything you throw at it.